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So many problems

I am not usually one to complain my group really loves our rangers but I am really starting to wonder. Three couples bought three Polaris rangers the oldest being about 18 mths old with about 1700 miles. We ride in Florida so no rock climbing and no hills. We ride trails in central Florida mostly water and sandy mud. Oil changes done more often then required, greased, well maintained. Don't feel we run them too hard. We probably ride around 50 miles at the most per weekend about once or twice per month. Here is what we have run in to:

2016 Ranger Highlifter:
* Blown engine last Labor Day. We were driving on a dirt road going riding, taking it easy looking forward to a good day. Engine threw a rod! Probably less than 800 miles on it. The dealer said factory defect and covered under extened warranty (still cost $500). He just got it back from dealer JUST AFTER VALENTINES DAY! (Broward Motorsports)
* Had it back to the dealer for headlights not working right after he bought it.
* Broken rear axle. Fortunately it broke right at out CV joint so we were able to pull the axle out of diff and drive it home.
* Brakes every 3-4 rides.

2016 Ranger 900XP bought August 2016, has about 1800 miles on it:
* Blown transmission. Turf mode broke (planetary gears split). Rebuilt transmission, replace output gear with a spool used in Highlifters and Rzr. Replace front output shaft because splines going in to drive shaft were wore out. Did not know it was broken until we were stuck in the mud and only one tire was turning.
* Bushings in the rear knuckles worn out. The sleeve that goes in the bushing worn bad on one said and the the plastic busings.
* Front control arm bushings.
* Steering rack -- sloppy steering and had water in it.
* Brakes every 3-4 rides.
* Both rt side wheel bearings -- noticed RR tire leaning in at top, jacked it up and we were shocked how bad bearing was. He even used the bearing greasing tool periodically.
* Put in heavy duty rear axles after one broke.
* Went riding about a month ago and heard strange noise from front end -- driver shaft U-joints wiped out.
* LOT of slop in front inner CV joints in front diff.
* Slip joke on drive shaft splines worn out changed it when doing U-joints
* Turf mode solenoid was blowing awd fuse.

2017 Ranger 900 XP bought in 2017, has less than 1000 miles on it. Maintenance kept up did oil and fluid changes, lots of greasing, kept clean, driven gently. This one is mine.
* I entered a water hole actually going pretty slow (about 7 miles out in woods). The left side was deep so the left wheel did not get a bite only the right side. I was not even on it that hard and heard a pop from the rear. Planetary gears on gear carrier came out back of case ruining both halves of case. As I said I was not even on it! Had to replace both housing halves, put in the spool like we did on the other one so it would never happen again. Replace front output shaft because of worn splines. $2500+ in parts alone
* Rear knuckle bushings worn bad like the other Ranger 900..
* Broke a rear axle put a couple Rhinos in it. $250+
* Now I am here DEVASTATED AGAIN! Last weekend we noticed a little smoke out of the exhaust. Everything looked good on the motor but we heard a weak vacuum noise. When I leaned on the intake plenum it stalled. Looked closer and noticed the throttle body adapter cracked! It had been sucking sand and whatever else for who knows how long and now I have a weak cylinder. HAVE TO PULL THE MOTOR FOR NEW CYLINDER AND PISTON! $900+ in parts alone.
* Turf mode solenoid blowing awd fuse. Would turn check engine light on and obviously no 4wd.
* Brakes every 3-4 rides.

between all of us a couple belts too but that one does not bother us a whole lot.

Like I said, we all overdue the maintenance particularly the greasing and oil changes. We don't run them that hard (we even run in low under 20mph).

The turf mode issues -- common problem
The axle issues -- common problem
The throttle body adapter -- common problem if you google it. It has cost a lot of motors. Note it is a maintenance item at 50hrs to check it so make sure you do.

Do I get a Jeep and cut my losses?

Like driving the Ranger...but holy smokes what next?


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Where do you ride in central Florida?

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Sebring/Lake Placid area

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Originally Posted by roywill07 View Post
Sebring/Lake Placid area

Wow you are close to me. I live in lake wales. We ride river ranch. Sorry about all problems. Iíve had the front diff replaced on mine, my trans broke, driveshaft U joints and carrier bearing, clutches. Not sure whatís next but itís been pretty good lately.

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I had a 2006 Ranger 700XP that I drove for over 12 years and put well over 50,000 mile on it. I live in Flagstaff, AZ and my ideal of a ride is a 10 to 15 MPH trip that lasts ~4 hours. We are out in the forest A LOT looking for elk, deer, antelope, an occasional bear,... I never had any major problems with my 06 Ranger.

About a year ago we upgraded to a Polaris NorthStar Crew Cab; an over $35,000 investment with all the add-on's. I just retired and we love to ride so much this was our retirement gift to ourselves. My new rig has been riddled with problems and trying to get Polaris and their dealerships to handle warranty issues is like trying to get politicians to actually do their job. Fortunately most of my issues have been annoying ticky tacky issues, not major ones like your dealing with.

One thing I'm quite certain (based on my experience and the experiences of people like you) is that Polaris does not produce the quality product that they did 10 years ago.
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