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After reading the post from DaveB, and realizing that the shifting problem is almost certain to return, and that this new transmission is likely to suffer the same fate, I called the dealer again.

I explained the new information I had received, and got put on the phone with (I think) the head of the service department. I explained the situation very briefly to him and told him I would rather have him read the written account, as it would take too long to try to explain everything over the phone. Also I wanted him to read through some of the forum threads so he could see for himself how these fixes are not working, and how the transmission is not the underlying problem.

So anyway, I pointed him to the web page and he said he'd read it and contact Polaris and get it in their hands. I'm not getting my hopes up, but this is the farthest I've gotten yet.

Just for the record, I'd like to call attention to just how widespread this issue is through this link:

Polaris Ranger Diesel - RangerForums.net - Polaris Ranger Forum

Scroll down to the thread titled "Hard to shift -- idling problem?" and look at how many views it has received. Over 14,400 at this time. It is by far the most viewed thread on this sub-forum. While most of the the threads have views measured in the hundreds, and a handful have views in the low thousands, it is quite revealing that one thread has received so much attention.
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Trying SVI Duraclutch

I came across this forum from a internet search on "Polaris Diesel Hard Shifting." I too have this problem on my 2011 Diesel Ranger (bought new in 2012). Turning my idle down helped but did not solve my problem initially. The dealer replaced the clutch once after 3 attempts to "fix the problem." This worked for about 9mos but my last trip to the farm it started hard shifting again. By then I was considering just trading it in and taking the loss, but now I have new hope! The guys over at SVI were great and the new clutch should be installed by the time I get there next week for a test run. It shouldn't be this hard to get a $12000 machine to work POLARIS! Thank you guys so much for all your info and hopefully getting my Ranger back into working order shortly.

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I am noticing the same shifting issues. Definitely going to give SVI a call.
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post #14 of 57 Old 10-04-2014, 06:52 PM
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Why has there not been a class action lawsuit filed against Polaris for this diesel clutch problem? Who would participate?
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post #15 of 57 Old 10-07-2014, 07:18 AM
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Originally Posted by DaveB.inVa View Post

I registered just to talk to you about your transmission. I honestly don't think the transmission is the problem and don't want to see you get taken! I frequent another forum and have only ever been to this forum a couple times and never registered until today.

My Diesel had a hard shifting issue and I spent money like you trying to get things right.

Check a couple things before letting them do anything to your transmission.

Change your fluid and see if there are any chunks or specs in the fluid. A bit of fuzz on the drain plug is normal and not a concern.

Check to see how things shift with the engine not running. Your post indicated that shifting was OK without the engine running. This leads back to the clutch.

The Diesel clutch is an odd unit, Polaris had to do their best to engage the clutch as soon as possible due to the limited RPM the diesel has so engagement isn't far above idle.

I bought a new clutch and like you after a while the hard shifting came back. I also lowered idle rpm which helped.

Mine would also would shift fine until warm and then shifting was impossible.

My take on this is that the belt gets warm and expands and the tight clearances in the clutch just cause it to grab.

The reason that I believe lowering the rpm solves the issue for a while is due to the clutch spring breaking in and causing engagement to be lower and lower.

I honestly hope the dealer hasn't tore into the transmission and they screwed it up!
However, at any rate, when the transmission is replaced, the issue will return as there isn't really anything in the transmission itself that can cause the issues you have!

Anyway the thing that solved my issue was the SVI Duraclutch.

The owner is a Polaris engineer and is one of the original developers of their snowmobiles and ATV's.

With the stock Polaris clutch, the clutch sheaves perform two things, they act as clutch and as transmission.

The Duraclutch separates these and has a centrifugal clutch for clutching with the belt constantly pinched and used only to transmit power.

It solved my hard shifting problems and gave my machine back to me.

Engagement is smooth now and I also have engine braking. This is the clutch the machine should have been made with.

I hate to say it, but I don't trust most dealers for much of anything. The ones I've dealt with try to blame things on an issue that can't cause a problem at all and don't look at things in a logical manner.

My Ranger is turboed and I take all liability for turboing it. However, in speaking with a couple dealers, the first thing they blamed the hard shifting on was the turbo or damage that may've been done by the power increase. It did not matter to them that the hard shift issue was prevalent before the turbo, that Polaris has issued recalls for hard shifting and they could not relate that the shift issue is RPM related. Could not make them understand that at idle, the turbo doesn't do a thing, doesn't make more power or anything.

I hate to say it, but I think you're in a similar issue. The dealer isn't looking at the situation correctly and hoping that changing the transmission will fix the problem when it's pretty clear the clutch is the problem.

Thank you! For introducing me to DURACLUTCH. After applying much pressure to my dealer and educating myself and the dealer on the Polaris factory clutch problems relief is on the way. I was able to get Brent at DURACLUTCH to speak with the GM at the dealership. Dealer has agreed to install new DURACLUTCH's on my Ranger as well as my friends Ranger since we purchased them as a package. Should have Ranger's back to us within a few days.

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Originally Posted by MarknTexas View Post
Thank you! For introducing me to DURACLUTCH. After applying much pressure to my dealer and educating myself and the dealer on the Polaris factory clutch problems relief is on the way. I was able to get Brent at DURACLUTCH to speak with the GM at the dealership. Dealer has agreed to install new DURACLUTCH's on my Ranger as well as my friends Ranger since we purchased them as a package. Should have Ranger's back to us within a few days.
So are you having to pay for the Duraclutch? Because on top of all the BULLSHIT I've put up with so far, I just paid a $2500 repair bill on a blown transmission, which the dealer said was a direct result of the fucked up clutch, and my Ranger STILL DOES NOT WORK.

I went back to the dealer after they put the new transmission in, drove the Ranger around for about 10 minutes in their parking lot, and THE PIECE OF SHIT WILL STILL NOT SHIFT. So now I'm being told that in addition to the $2500 bill for the new transmission, the Polaris factory clutch is fundamentally FUCKED, and the only solution is to fork out another $1500 for the Duraclutch. For a grand total of $4000+.


I would LOVE to be part of a class action suit.

My Ranger has been at the dealer for so long I've lost count of the days. It must be close to a month now. THERE IS APPARENTLY NO SOLUTION EXCEPT TO FORK OUT $1500 for an aftermarket clutch, because Polaris' factory clutch is fundamentally BROKE!


There is no way a company should be able to get away with this.


It's 4am and I'm losing sleep at night, waking up PISSED OFF AT BEING RIPPED OFF!


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Looking back at the dates, it is almost TWO MONTHS now that the dealer has had the machine. The dealer has said repeatedly that there is no excuse for the transmission being blown. I've taken very good care of the Ranger. The dealer said it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

The problem is that the "new" clutch that was installed under the recall is FUNDAMENTALLY DEFECTIVE, and does not disengage properly, so when you go to shift it, it's like shifting it while in motion -- which QUICKLY WEARS OUT A TRANSMISSION.

There is NO SOLUTION. Polaris is doing nothing. They are hiding behind warranty bullshit, saying it's not their problem. Like hell it's not their problem. The factory clutch is so defective that you CANNOT SHIFT THE RANGER WITHOUT TURNING IT OFF, and the ONLY solution is to buy a third party clutch for $1500. Not to mention the $2500 of transmission damage I'm paying for!!!

I am fucking livid over this.
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Another correction -- it's been over two months, going on THREE MONTHS that this Ranger has been at the dealer.

Will I ever get this thing back? Is it ever going to run properly? Am I ever going to have to stop sinking money into it? At what point does one stop dumping cash into a losing proposition. So far I'm down over $15,000 with NOTHING to show for it.

Let that sink in: Fifteen thousand dollars. And that's before the Duraclutch. After the Duraclutch it'll be $16,500. I could buy a NEW CAR for that kind of money. And I've got NOTHING -- NOTHING -- to show for it.

The dealer said I MIGHT be able to get $8000 if they tried to sell it for me. And that's if I wanted to rip someone off by selling a KNOWN DEFECTIVE machine.

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Glad I got all that off my chest. Sorry about the caps and the language... I kid you not that I've woken up several nights over the past couple months stewing about this, but I've generally been able to put it to the back of my mind and fall asleep again. Didn't happen tonight though. I've been up since 2am and it's 6am now, so I guess I'm up for the day.

I would advise anyone who has had this problem to have their transmission inspected. After some brainstorming with the mechanic who has been working on the Ranger and showing him how the Ranger becomes impossible to shift after a few minutes of driving it, he concluded that the clutch was not disengaging properly, and that trying to shift once it has reached this state would be equivalent to shifting it while it was moving.

This, of course, is bad, and is undoubtedly what led to the transmission damage. There is no other explanation. The mechanic said they rarely got any machines in that showed transmission damage like this, and on the occasions that they did, it was clear that they'd been run hard. But in my case, he said the machine looked like it had just rolled off the showroom floor. Yes, I took that good care of it. It has something like 150 hours and 600 miles on it. It was used for light farm work. There is nothing that I did that could explain why the transmission would be shot.

I was at the dealer last week, and after paying the $2500 bill for the new transmission, I drove the Ranger around the parking lot for a bit. Sure enough, after 10-15 minutes, it was almost impossible to shift again. Note: not ENTIRELY impossible, but very difficult. So I go back to the mechanic and show him, and he thinks about it for a bit, and says, yeah, the clutch is not disengaging, and if you tried to shift it right now, you'd be doing damage to the transmission. And yes, that is the likely reason that the transmission was shot.

So I ask him, what's the solution? He knows and I know that the Polaris clutch is the faulty component here, but it's a factory defective part. I ask him to contact Polaris and tell them that the clutch is sticking, and ask them how to fix it. He says he could do that, but that they're just going to tell him to do the same thing that's in the service manual, which he's already done.

I say, so then what? I mean, after Polaris tells him what to do, and he does it, and the clutch still sticks, then what happens?

He says that Polaris will probably say I need to buy a new clutch.

For real? It's not like the current clutch is damaged or worn. This is the NEW clutch we're talking about -- the one that was replaced under the Polaris recall. And now that this new clutch is sticking and causing transmission damage, Polaris is going to say I have to BUY another one. It's obvious to everyone that the factory clutch is defective. How can I be expected to fork out money for another defective clutch?

The mechanic is pretty much speechless. He then tells me that Polaris would never admit to there being a problem, so what can we do? He is as lost for an answer as I am.

There is no way to take factory parts from Polaris, stick them in this Ranger, and expect to have it work. I am sitting on a wad of paperwork documenting all of the exchanges between the dealer and Polaris trying to get them to acknowledge the problem, and Polaris responds to the dealer with the same one-liners that gave me: "OUT OF WARRANTY, WON'T FIX". The dealer said they went through all the channels the could trying to contact someone, ANYONE, at Polaris who could do something, and there is simply no way to get through to someone who will listen to the case and acknowledge that there is a problem here.

I asked him to just contact Polaris anyway, tell them the problem with the Ranger clutch, and see how they respond.

That was at least a week ago, and I haven't heard back yet.
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You're not going to believe what happened today. I finally got through to someone at the company. And not just another flunky.

I need to wait to see how things pan out over the next week or so before I elaborate.

Edit to update: Three days later... So far, no new news. It was encouraging to have finally gotten through to someone higher up than customer support, but nothing has come of it yet. I had to email a summary of the situation, and I have yet to receive a response. Not even an acknowledgement that it was received.

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