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Derk402 09-01-2019 10:53 AM

Ranger 900 programmers
Hi guys first post here. I just got out of the rzr world and into the ranger world mostly for the full enclosed cab with heater and tracks my ranger is a 13 900 im looking to get a bit more out of it would like to get the governors lifted mostly i have been looking at the super atv plug and play programmer cause i like how you can switch it back to stock to run regular fuel if you cant get premium but it seems the other companies that you send your ecu to are mabby getting a bit more power out of the machine when they tune them. Just looking for some advice on what route to take here if anyone has had experience running the super atv programmer on their ranger. I just havent seen alot of info out there on use with the ranger thanks!

Derk402 09-10-2019 04:58 PM

Anyone? Gotta be someone out there that has programed theirs?

SuperATV 09-11-2019 10:41 AM

Its totally worth it if you're wanting more response and more top and bottom end. Super easy to do. They only thing we really recommend is sticking with the minimum octane requirements. Its a minimum of 91 for stage one and a minimum of 93 for stage 2. Some areas are limited on 93, so it just comes down to what you want and the gas you have available around you. Plus, you get a little discount from me for being a member on here. If you decide to pull the trigger, shoot me a PM and I'll get you whatever the weekly member code is.

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