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  1. Street Tires

    South West Chapter
    We upgraded to 14 inch rims with Super Swamper TSLs. Also General makes a Grabber tire that works well. Discount Tire has good prices and these pickup tires will last forever on the street.
  2. How to make Ca. Ranger XP legal in AZ.

    South West Chapter
    You need a windshield (or eye protection), a rear view mirror, horn, and a illuminated license plate mount. turn signals are nice but hand signals work. Other than that things are OK.
  3. Tire Pressures

    South West Chapter
    TSLs as well with 10 psi.
  4. half windshield pros and cons????

    South West Chapter
    So who makes the best "half windshield"? I have a full and the glare can be tough.
  5. Service Manuals

    Hunting Land and Leases
    Need the service manual for a 2010 Ranger 800 XP. Don't have PayPal so am open to options.