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  1. New 2010 batteries, are they still good?

    Polaris Ranger EV
    We are looking at purchasing a new 2010 Polaris Ranger EV. It has never been used and until recently had been in a dealer's showroom. It is now stored outside. The dealer is offering a discounted price, but we have concerns about the batteries being idle for so long. Is this a valid concern...
  2. 1st Time UTV Owner

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Just made my first UTV purchase ever, I got the 2010 Ranger XP. I just ordered a set of the Moto-Activ removable suicide doors. Hopefully installation is simple, does anybody have any tips or suggestions for instalation? Im pretty new to the Polaris community, so what are some good buys for the...
  3. 2010 Crew overheats!

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    We have a new 2010 Ranger Crew that over heats with out really doing much. It will heat up after about 10-15 minutes and start blowing coolant. The easy fix was to install an aftermarket fan overide switch that we leave running when ever the beast is on. With the fan running wide open it has...
  4. Top Ten Things To Modify Or Change To the 2010 Ranger?!?!?!

    Performance Mods
    Just joined on here... I bought my first Polaris product about three months ago and decided to buy the 2010 Ranger 800 xp. I have done a few mods to it that I saw as being a design flaw... I upgraded to a lower cooling fan switch which kicks on about 180 degrees, I also installed a overide off...