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  1. RANGER EV - 2 Red Flashes, wont charge

    General Discussion
    Hi everyone.. I have a 2010 Ranger EV (yup.. I know).. Despite the fact that I have: • Recently put a brand new set of TROJAN 1275's in my 2010 Ranger EV • Confirmed I have updated Delta Q Charge controller (2 cables coming out of side) • Checked, cleaned every connection • Given a dedicated...
  2. 2010 Ranger xp800 efi eps

    Mid West Chapter
    Hey all, we posted in the classifieds, but I wanted to put a shout out to any local members, as well. We had an engine failure in this Ranger due to the intake tube coming apart between the filter and throttle body, and it sucked in lots of dirt and grass, etc. We are looking for a bottom-end...
  3. WTB: 2010 Ranger 800XP EFI Engine Complete

    Hi, We are needing a complete engine, long-block, or short-block for a 2010 Ranger XP 800 EFI 4x4. If somebody knows where we can buy one, we'd really appreciate it. On this one, the intake tube came apart, and it was driven on a ranch until the cylinders were scored and eventually the rod was...
  4. 1st Time UTV Owner

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Just made my first UTV purchase ever, I got the 2010 Ranger XP. I just ordered a set of the Moto-Activ removable suicide doors. Hopefully installation is simple, does anybody have any tips or suggestions for instalation? Im pretty new to the Polaris community, so what are some good buys for the...