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  1. Polaris Ranger 500
    As the title states i have a 2011 ranger 500 efi, the machine starts and runs perfectly for about 10-15 minutes. after im assuming it gets warm it will just die out and WILL NOT START until it cools down around 15-30 minutes later. it is still getting spark for the most part, seem kind of...
  2. General Discussion
    Just looking for a little advice from people. I have a 2011 Ranger 500. I has a glacier II plow mount and a 5' plow on it. I plow a real steep driveway and when I go down the hill the frame drags and keeps the blade from keeping in contact with the road. I called the dealer and they said...
  3. Polaris Ranger 6X6
    i have a 2011 800 EFI polaris ranger and it is overheating i have change the radiator and hoses, checked the thermostat and changed water pump impeller the only time it over heats is when it sits and idles once it reaches 230 F or really any temp after the fan comes on, all you have to do is...
1-3 of 3 Results