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  1. 08 Ranger 500 efi running problems

    General Discussion
    I have an 08 ranger 500 efi and it starts up and runs fine. When I put it in drive the engine will wind up but the ranger well barely move. Almost like the brakes are on. But they aren't because it moves fine in reverse. I've checked the belt and it looks fine. What else do I beg to be looking...
  2. 2006 500 EFI belt Issues

    General Discussion
    Long story short.... we were riding on an easy trail and broke a belt. I pulled over changed the belt and went to take off and the belt seems as if it is slipping. It has little start up power, but it will eventually go. When loading it in the trailer i had to put it into low to load it and it...
  3. 2006 Ranger 500 EFI Starting Issues

    Modified Tech Discussion
    Hello from Sunny Arizona, This is my first post sorry for the length but hopefully the answer will keep me from buying a rhino..... just joking. I have a question for anyone who mind lend an ear or a hand. Like the title says, I have a 06 Ranger 500 EFI. Recently my PDm went out... Before I...
  4. 2011 Ranger 500 EFI, runs poor, starts hard

    General Discussion
    I recently purchased a 2011 polaris ranger with efi. It runs very poor at an idle (or rather wont run at all) and starts very hard. The starter cranks good battery is good etc. but doesnt seem to fire. Sometimes back fires. When the problem first came up it would start good when it was cold...
  5. 2013 Ranger midsize 500 efi winch questions

    General Discussion
    Newbie here. Not new to off roading, I'm a jeeper. But just picked up my 2013 500 efi for hunting, off roading, fishing, etc. I've installed winches before on Jeeps, but this is my first foray into UTV's. Question is, does anyone know the exact mounting plate needed? Most websites have said...