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  1. 05 ranger 6x6 carb

    Performance Mods
    Im looking for a new carb for my ranger the dealership has replace the factory carb twice already and im tired of throwing my money away. Does any one no of any aftermarket ones out there that I could replace it with. thanks for the help
  2. 2006 6x6 multiple codes

    Polaris Ranger 6X6
    Hi all, first time posting. I have a 2006 ranger 700 efi with multiple codes. Codes 46, 41, 51, and 52. I have looked them up but cant find a problem that would cause all these together. I have adjusted the TPS, cleaned the air temp gauge, checked compression, and checked connections. It...
  3. NOOB in IA

    New Members
    Just a noob 99 Ranger 6x6 owner saying hello. i am in the process of installing a warn 72" plow to the ranger. Of course i had to fabricate some of the mounting brackets because warn doesn't make one to fit it. All i have left to do now is get a winch and mount it. Does anyone know the...
  4. 6x6 tipper bed winch mount ideas

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Recently got a 6x6 at work for extracting deer carcasses and looking at mounting a winch to pull animals onto the bed. Does anyone have any experience/ideas/pictures of anything that they have had fabricated? Or suggestions on what winch to go for (i'm in the uk). Concerned about whether the box...