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  1. Full Size Ranger Photos
    After snowpocalypse in western Pennsylvania
  2. General Discussion
    I never had clutch problems when it comes to Polaris so I may be uneducated about them but at higher speeds I feel like I should be going faster than I actually am due to the engine noise, ex” on the road going 50mph I will start up a hill not even steep I will lose speed the whole East’s down...
  3. New Members
    New to the forum, I am retired, live in Peachland B.C., Can. and have two Polaris vehicles. One a old Sportsman 400 I use for solo hunting and I recently took on a project 2012 Ranger 800 XP I am trying to rebuild to use for hunting and gold panning. Does anyone know of a 'parting out' similar...
  4. Full Size Ranger Discussion
    2010 800xp. Bought used 4 months ago. Used mainly in farm. Started everytime. Couple quaking trips and worked great. Went wheeling yesterday, worked pretty decent. Loaded on truck no problem. Went to unload this morning, all electrical works but then turn key to start........nothing...
  5. South East Chapter
    Here recently my Ranger 800xp would start bogging down after a few miles. It acts as if it won't get anything((power) as I press the accelerator . So I stop it and dies on out and I shut it off at the key. I've changed my air filter and check hoses to insure they were all secure and snug. I...
  6. General Discussion
    Wow, only 160 hours on my 2011 Ranger, which I purchased new in May 2011 ($13K), and I'm told the camshaft is worn out by my Polaris dealer ($1.3K repair). I changed the oil/filter every 50 hours and no signs of dust contamination. I emailed Polaris customer service to see if they would make...
1-6 of 6 Results