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  1. Vendor Deals
    Hey all. A brand new version of Kemimoto SxS soundbar is launched! We’ve made several adjustments according to the previous collected feedback from you guys. And these are the changes that have been made to the new version, take a look: -We’ve upgraded the bottom, it will restore to its...
  2. General Discussion
    I'm debating on what kind of sound bar to put into my new ranger crew. For those of you with the MB Quart radio from Polaris are you happy with it? Trying to decide if its worth the $850 or to go with an aftermarket bluetooth sound bar.
  3. Polaris Ranger XP1000
    Anyone looked into these or own? I've been looking at the level 3 roof for a crew and can't find any reviews on them. Yes, they are pricey but I've found myself wanting alittle more sound after my last ranger setup. Plus the audio, lights, roof, added storage isn't really that much more than a...
  4. Polaris Ranger 500
    Does anyone know where I can get a wake tower bar for my ranger 500?
  5. General Discussion
    I have just recently purchsed a new 2012 Polaris Ranger 500. I'm wondering what the best deal is on an Audio system. I also have a sirius xm rado reciever just no speakers to hook it to. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Modified Tech Discussion
    Does anybody know where i can get a good quality system of speakers, or a speaker bar, compatible with iPod to mount on my new 2011 ranger 400 (FoR a LoW pRiCe!i!i!)???? thanks!;D
1-6 of 6 Results