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  1. Polaris Ranger EV
    I have a 2016 EV with only 16 hrs. I adjusted the charging algorithm just after purchasing, and have kept up on the water levels, however I haven't done anything to prevent or clean corrosion, and am looking for advice from others on that topic. I have kept an eye on the terminals and see...
  2. Polaris Ranger EV
    New member here. I've searched the forum but haven't found the info I need. Hoping that perhaps someone could help me. I have a 2011 Ranger EV and the original batteries are getting weak. I'd like to replace them with AGM batteries. My question is: Which charging algorithm do I set into the...
  3. Polaris Ranger EV
    We are looking at purchasing a new 2010 Polaris Ranger EV. It has never been used and until recently had been in a dealer's showroom. It is now stored outside. The dealer is offering a discounted price, but we have concerns about the batteries being idle for so long. Is this a valid concern...
1-3 of 3 Results