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  1. Battery Replacement

    Polaris Ranger EV
    Voltronix USA offers a Lithium Ion battery replacement kit for the Polaris Ranger EV. Call today for details! 866-777-2329 voltronixusa.com
  2. Ranger 800 XP Battery Failing

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I have a 2011 Ranger XP 800 Crew with no aftermarket accessories (except the steel door kit). Last summer my starter would pause when I tried to start the ranger and finally over a couple weeks wouldn't turn over all. Took batteries to dealer to have tested. they said they were dead and I...
  3. Electrical Charging Issues

    Modified Tech Discussion
    I have installed 4 10 inch subs and need to know the best way to supply power for the amp. I have two batteries in my ranger but i dont know if I need to buy the isolator kit. I have also mounted a Marine battery under the seat of my ranger jus to run the stereo amp but I have to charge it...
  4. 2011 Ranger Crew 500 Aux Battery

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Before I start heading down the road of adding any more accessories, I'd like to install an auxiliary battery. I have recently purchase a 2011 Ranger 500 Crew (20-hours). The big draws on the system now are probably the lights I just installed and the 4500# Polaris winch. I'd like to install a...
  5. 08 Ranger problem

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Hi i was wondering if someone could give me a heads up if i ruined my ECU or something major in my ranger this weekend. my battery was dead on it, so i put it on the charger Saturday afternoon, and forgot to pull the charger till this morning. i know the battery is toast, but when trying to...
  6. battery dies when key is off

    Modified Tech Discussion
    i have a 2006 polaris ranger xp 700. the battery keeps dieing on me when the key is turnd off .. can some one please help me get back on the trail for this weekend thanks evey body:confused: