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  1. General Discussion
    Hello everybody, I am sure this will open a can of worms but that’s half the fun. I am new to the group and side by sides. Do you guys and gals recommend an enclosed setup like the north star or an open rig? Maybe somewhere in the middle, roof, half doors windshield? I will be buying a new...
  2. Polaris Ranger 570
    Hi everyone, I bought my first ranger here about two months ago. It's a 2014 570 EFI. I have a poly top and a one-piece glass windshield that I bought with it. The windshield is awesome, but I'm thinking that some doors are probably needed to keep me comfy checking the cattle later this winter...
  3. For Sale
    SOLD SOLD SOLD !!!! Have what I believe to be is 90% of a full cab assembly for an 09-12 full size 800 ranger.. Have pics and will send. Bought at an auction and hoping from description to fit my crew but it's for a 2 seater.. These things are over $3500 new.. I'm just looking to make my money...
  4. For Sale
    Trying to sell a Pro Steel complete cab. This cab was used twice last fall. Paid almost $3700.00. Includes windshield wiper. Immaculate condition. Fits 2009-2012 XP800 or HD800. Call Mike 775-790-4889
  5. Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I have a '13 Ranger EFI full size. I put a poly cab on it and it is loud inside. It is some vibration but I think it is mostly engine/ exhause noise. I am thinking about using some Dynamat to put under the seat and around the engine. Has anyone used this or do you have any suggestions? I...
1-5 of 5 Results