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  1. Engine quits running after 30 seconds

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    2003 Series 11 Ranger 6x6 BST 34 Mikuni CV Carb. Unit has 400hrs. Last year it was bogging down under load. Going upgrade, performance improved slightly with choke. Performance didn't alter relative to engine temp. I've brought it into the garage for maintenence. Replaced all fuel lines...
  2. How to remove and clean carb on 2003 ranger 500

    General Discussion
    Hi, I ran my Ranger out of gas, now after trying to start I get gas spewing from the overflow hoses. I assume I have some junk in my carb and my float is stuck? Never had the carb off, and I can see how to unbolt it, just wondering how to remove the throttle and choke cables?? Any other...