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  1. Polaris Ranger EV
    Just picked up a 2010 EV, 270 hours, predictably it has some issues. I'll be going through everything eventually, but any help troubleshooting would be appreciated, first sxs and no automotive experience. Definitely not getting right torque. When first got it it only had a half charge and it...
  2. Polaris Ranger EV
    Hi all! I recently purchased a 2011 Polaris Ranger EV from an individual. When attempting to charge it, I nothing happened and the lights - or lack thereof- indicated that it wasn’t getting any AC. After opening the charger up, I found the AC fuse blown, although there were no signs of any...
  3. Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I have a 2011 Ranger XP 800 Crew with no aftermarket accessories (except the steel door kit). Last summer my starter would pause when I tried to start the ranger and finally over a couple weeks wouldn't turn over all. Took batteries to dealer to have tested. they said they were dead and I...
1-3 of 3 Results