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  1. Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I have a 2018 Polaris ranger crew 570-6 seater and I’d like to get some half doors for it cause I can’t stand the net doors it came with. I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find any doors for it. Does anybody know where I could find them for a decent price?
  2. Polaris Ranger 570
    I picked up my 2015 MS 570 Crew EPS on Saturday. I installed a Stealth 4500 winch with the KFI push tube and 66" KFI plow. It snowed last night and my new machine got a great workout with three driveways, approximately 1.4 miles total each of which is at about 8600' elevation. I couldn't be...
  3. General Discussion
    I took my 2012 Ranger 800 Crew to Wind Rock this past New Years Day and found that I have a problem. When I shut it off, I have to wait till the engine temp gets below 190 degrees before it will start again. If I try to start it while the temp is higher, the engine just turns over and over as if...
  4. Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I'm new to this but I've searched everywhere. Does anyone know where I can find the right front side roll bar for a 2011 800EFI Crew?
  5. Performance Mods
    Ok so I sold my 2012 800 crew LE eps a few months back and absolutely hated myself afterwards. It was completely stock other then removing intake donut. I thought it had PLENTY of power. I did mainly road riding with it and it was more then enough. Would hit 48mph and shut off like they do in no...
  6. Polaris Ranger 570
    I am considering a crew and am wondering if a 570 is undersized if you have it full of people? I would like tracks and eps (and eventually a cab). I don't need to set any speed records, but would like to pull a fish house on an unplowed lake (without people). There are so many options to buy...
  7. General Discussion
    I have a relatively new Ranger Crew 800 and am looking to put a lift and larger tires on. I am thinking of a 6" lift and 29s or 30s on the tires. I recently went to a mud rally and saw some lifted Ranger Crews similar to this and they looked bad arse :D ! Has any one gone with a 6" lift? or...
  8. Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Just bought my 2013 ranger crew 800 LE eps last week. I owned a kawasaki bruteforce 650 before and was comparing my new purchase to the kawasaki mule 4010 trans. Let me tell you, there was no comparison. I was $600 away from pulling the trigger on the mule and boy am I glad they didn't take the...
  9. Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Before I start heading down the road of adding any more accessories, I'd like to install an auxiliary battery. I have recently purchase a 2011 Ranger 500 Crew (20-hours). The big draws on the system now are probably the lights I just installed and the 4500# Polaris winch. I'd like to install a...
  10. New Members
    I just purchased a 500 Crew LE last Monday. I am primarily using it at my fishing cabin to zip up and down the property and run to town for various task. I love it so far!
  11. General Discussion
    I totaled my old ranger 3 days ago. I used to have a 2005 500. I bought it from a friend for $5,000. I need to find a new one but dont know where to get an amazing deal like that. does anybody know where I can find one really cheap? Looking for a deal similar to the one i got before.