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electrical issue

  1. Series 10 2002 crank but won’t start

    Polaris Ranger 500
    I have a 02 ranger 4x4. I was riding and it sputtered for a second and then died. It started a few more times but couldn’t get it moving before dying again. Now it won’t start at all. It cranks but no fire. I’ve checked air filter, carburetor, and has a good spark. In my opinion it’s like a...
  2. EV 2010 Electrical Problems

    Polaris Ranger EV
    We have a EV Polaris 2010, we have an electrical problem we put the cart on charging and the next day the cart do not start the dash lights do not turn on neither solenoid, and ligths , just the battery condition meter turn on. do you know something that can help us? please or any sugesttion...
  3. electrical problem shuts off after 5-10 seconds

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I have a 09 full size Ranger and it was running good until the battery died. I got a new battery and I have the following problem: I turn the key on, you can hear the pump working, it is ready to start, but after 5-10 seconds later it goes back to the beginning selftest, pump, etc. I can start...
  4. Battery issues

    Polaris RZR Forum Discussion
    My 2008 Polaris razor 800 loses its battery charge after approx 1 hr or so of riding time. Less if your going slower on trails where the cooling fan kicks on more frequently or when running the lights at night. The battery indicator light starts flashing and soon after the efi starts acting up...
  5. Rain Problems

    Polaris Ranger EV
    Our 2011 EV has stopped running twice after being out in the rain. Both times resulted in significant repairs. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem? Is there an area on the vehicle that is susceptible to moisture intrusion? Are there any recommended modifications for this type of...
  6. 2005 Ranger electrical issue.

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Tried to crank it and it turned over slowly but sounded like enough to crank, turned key to off and tried again heard a thunk sound and now no power. When i turn the key on i can hear the fuel pump but the headlights wont work or any of the lights on the dash. Have checked the battery, its good...