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engine wont start
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  1. Polaris Ranger Midsize 500
    Ranger is turning over when attempting to start. Fuel pump does engage when you turn the key. Battery will take a charge and stay in the 12-13+ range unless you try to start over and over. I am told next check is a fouled plug - am I crazy or just stupid - the spark plug looks to be mounted in...
  2. Polaris Ranger 500
    I have a 02 ranger 4x4. I was riding and it sputtered for a second and then died. It started a few more times but couldn’t get it moving before dying again. Now it won’t start at all. It cranks but no fire. I’ve checked air filter, carburetor, and has a good spark. In my opinion it’s like a...
  3. Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Ok guys, and gals I own a 2012 800 Crew and it simply won't crank over. I can jump it across the started sylanoid and it will start and run. I have located the brake start switch (or at least I THINK I did) in the front drivers side at the end of the master cylinder. Cleaned and re plugged...
1-3 of 3 Results