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  1. Polaris Ranger 570
    So, I have a 2021 570 Ranger. Every single website I visit says that my fuel tank is 33-34 liters, but when I fuel it, it gets completely full at around 15 or so liters? Is there something about this that no one’s told me yet?
  2. Polaris Ranger 500
    This problem has just started without any prior issues. When I go up some rather moderate hills on our farm my Ranger has begun to shut down as though its not getting fuel and running out of gas. It shuts down, I wait only a minute or so and it starts back up, goes up another 20-30 feet or so...
  3. Polaris Ranger 6X6
    I have a 2006 Polaris Ranger 700 6x 6. It is very slow and low and high gear but will occasionally speed up if I am on and off the throttle repeatedly. I am thinking possible low fuel pressure but I'm not sure? Any ideas on where I should start looking?
1-3 of 3 Results