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  1. Polaris Ranger XP900
    I have a 2019 XP900EPS with 27's on it - looking to get her a little higher and potentially put all terrains on it for a little smoother ride on the hard surfaces. Saw this rough country kit and want a similar setup - anybody know what size tires these are? not sure of other mods on this bike...
  2. General Discussion
    The linear actuators that everyone uses for bed lifts and plow lifts come with a cheap aluminum shaft....easily bent. If you unscrew the aluminum tube it comes right out. Get some steel tube 1 inch od, and.076 id. Cut the same length and thread one end using m20 x 1.50 tap. Reinstall new tube...
  3. Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I am looking for my best option for getting more ground clearance when my machine arrives. I am in a hunting club with some fairly large ruts,etc. I am not looking for a portal lift. I am looking for something that wont change the angles too much but provide me with that little extra ground...
  4. Polaris Ranger XP1000
    I’ve read all kinds of answers, I just ordered a 2021 xp1000, what tires will clear stock, what will clear with bracket lift, forward a arms, a arms &bracket lift, or just 4 in portals
  5. Polaris Ranger XP1000
    ok guy's So i have a 2018 ranger Xp 1000 NBS standard cab and I have the SATV 1.5 offset front a-arm, SATV offset rear a-arms and a 3 inch Highlifter bracket lift. Well I just bought 4" boxes... what's the biggest tire yall think i can run?? I'm spit between 36" 310's or 35" motohavoks...
  6. Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I am looking for a 1.5"/2" Lift for my 2020 Polaris Ranger 1000. I can find lots of options for everything up to 2019(s) but coming short of finding ANYTHING for the 2020. Are these just not produced yet? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance!
  7. Full Size Ranger Discussion
    What do I need to clear 31s on my 2014 ranger 800 and are bead locks neccisary?
  8. General Discussion
    I have a relatively new Ranger Crew 800 and am looking to put a lift and larger tires on. I am thinking of a 6" lift and 29s or 30s on the tires. I recently went to a mud rally and saw some lifted Ranger Crews similar to this and they looked bad arse :D ! Has any one gone with a 6" lift? or...
1-8 of 8 Results