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  1. 2011 LSV EV Charged but 6 blinks

    Polaris Ranger EV
    Short version: 2011 LSV indicates full charge, but will not go. Charge indicator is only working dash light. Blink code: 6 blinks. 200 hours. Details: my 2011 LSV has 200 hours. About 10 days ago it just quit while I was in 1-wheel, high. I stopped, turned key off, then on and away I went. Then...
  2. Windshield clips lsv ev

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    2011 LSV EV Hi folks, Do I have the correct wirndshield clips on my LSV? There are square holes but what are they for? Are all 8 clips identical? The reason I ask is that my windshield slips down to a point where it rests on the dash. When it is slipped down, I can see a square hole near the...
  3. Charge EV LSV in attached garage?

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Nutshell: OK to charge EV LSV in attached garage? Do you? Any extra precautions? Details: My new LSV will not be delivered for several days, giving me time to memorize owner's manual. I realize that a lot of the warnings in the manual are CYA stuff, but the warning about proper ventilation...
  4. Newbie, LSV, retired, Ozarks

    New Members
    Hi folks. Thanks for all the info you have posted here and allowing me to search it (as a lurker) before buying my first toy of this kind, an LSV. Now registered, I hope I can return the favor and continue to gain information as well. Most of my neighbors here on the lake have ATVs, UTVs and/or...
  5. New Owner of Ranger LSV...NC Laws for Street legal???

    General Discussion
    I found a LSV in Stock and managed to trade in my 2005 Suzuki 700 KQ today. The dealer had been through a big deal with the NC DOT over some issues. They stated the there have to be an odometer so the mileage could be recorded, So they had bought a GPS and added it on. There was an issue about...