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  1. Warn provantage plow

    Polaris Ranger 570
    I’m trying to put plow setup on my 2018 570 midsize. I really want to put 60” provantage plow on so I can buy bucket conversion and also use it to scoop and move wood chips onto trails. Their site is confusing as it says their 90546 front plow kit mount fits in some but not all warn website...
  2. Bigger tires?

    General Discussion
    I own a 2011 Ranger 500 efi. I have had some issues with clearance on the plow frame (Glacier 2 system) when plowing downhill. This could be remedied by raising the plow mount a bit. I am currently in need of new tires and was thinking I could do this a bit by just buying a taller tire. I...
  3. Polaris plow systems

    General Discussion
    Looking at these to be added on at time of sale. Are they any good? Is the manual system ok or should I upgrade to the left and right hydraulic system. I've read good and bad online but wanted to hear your thoughts and experiences. Thanks guys!
  4. Glacier II Mounting Bracket Cracks

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I have a 2012 Ranger 800 EPS and have used the Glacier II Plow system. I really like it except for two problems. My Polaris winch will stop working intermittently and because of this, I found the second problem. The mounting bracket to the ranger has two cracks, or tears, on the front top...
  5. 2011 Ranger 500 Glacier plow issue.

    General Discussion
    I have a Ranger 500 and a glacier 2 plow system. I plow a lot up and downhill and while going downhill my plow frame drags and holds the blade up off the ground. I believe the issue is that my mounting bracket is too low and does not raise the frame high enough. Was wondering if I should...
  6. New Plow - Ranger 800

    General Discussion
    Bought my 800 Ranger new this year in April, and from day one I have had my eye on a plow for it. We got a storm here in maine with about 14"of snow, went the night before the storm, dropped the cash and had a new Glacier II HD series plow put on. She pushes snow easily, no hassles at all...
  7. New to the forum and new to polaris

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Just bought my 2013 ranger crew 800 LE eps last week. I owned a kawasaki bruteforce 650 before and was comparing my new purchase to the kawasaki mule 4010 trans. Let me tell you, there was no comparison. I was $600 away from pulling the trigger on the mule and boy am I glad they didn't take the...
  8. NOOB in IA

    New Members
    Just a noob 99 Ranger 6x6 owner saying hello. i am in the process of installing a warn 72" plow to the ranger. Of course i had to fabricate some of the mounting brackets because warn doesn't make one to fit it. All i have left to do now is get a winch and mount it. Does anyone know the...