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  1. 2019 Polaris ranger 500 midsize

    Polaris Ranger Midsize 500
    Hello all, I’m a newb to these Polaris engines. While driving my ranger 500 midsize I hear a hissing sound and the engine oil cap seems to pop off, oil all over the place. I check oil and it is still at the second line on the dipstick. Can anyone tell me what could be the cause to the hissing...
  2. Turf, 2 wheel lock, and 4x4 modes messed up

    Polaris Ranger XP900
    I unplugged the switch for the turf, 2 wheel lock, and 4x4 mode to add a switch for a light bar. When I plugged everything back in the modes were all messed up on the cluster display and it seem to be stuck in 2 wheel lock no matter what mode I put it in. When put in turf mode the 2 wheel lock...
  3. Battery Replacement

    Polaris Ranger EV
    Voltronix USA offers a Lithium Ion battery replacement kit for the Polaris Ranger EV. Call today for details! 866-777-2329 voltronixusa.com
  4. Please Help A Newbie Out

    General Discussion
    I need some help and want answers from someone besides a salesman, this seems to be the place. My situation... I want a Ranger capable of towing between 2 and 6 people up and down logging roads in the mountains of North Carolina. I will mostly be hauling my wife and 2 kids (7 and 6). At most we...
  5. WTB: 2010 Ranger 800XP EFI Engine Complete

    Hi, We are needing a complete engine, long-block, or short-block for a 2010 Ranger XP 800 EFI 4x4. If somebody knows where we can buy one, we'd really appreciate it. On this one, the intake tube came apart, and it was driven on a ranch until the cylinders were scored and eventually the rod was...
  6. how to change gear oils?

    General Discussion
    Can anyone tell me how to change the gear oils on my 2007 Ranger 500 4X4? From where do you drain them, where do you refill them and how much gear oil in front and back Case. Thank you
  7. Welcome to RangerForums.net - Polaris Ranger Forums

    Announcements & Events
    Welcome to RangerForums.net - A forum dedicated to the Polaris Ranger UTV/SXS. This is not just a website but a community dedicated to all things Polaris Ranger. We cover the various Polaris Ranger models such as the Ranger XP 800, Ranger 500 EFI, Ranger 400, Ranger Crew 800, Ranger Crew 500...
  8. Ranger Rear spring info

    Modified Tech Discussion
    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site put have been on the RZR forums for awhile. Have looked all around hope I've came to the right place for some information. Does anyone know the specs on rear coil springs for a Ranger? Overall lenght, Spring free length, spring installed lenght, spring...
  9. 2004 Ranger 4x4 (500cc)

    Full Size Ranger Photos
    So I thought I would get the progress pics up of the ranger... most everything I have done has been based off of what I read here about what everyone else has done. It (like all great things) is a work in progress that I imagine will never be done... This first photo is the day we brought it...
  10. 2005 Ranger electrical issue.

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Tried to crank it and it turned over slowly but sounded like enough to crank, turned key to off and tried again heard a thunk sound and now no power. When i turn the key on i can hear the fuel pump but the headlights wont work or any of the lights on the dash. Have checked the battery, its good...
  11. Using front winch to load rear bed

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about how to use the front winch to load stuff in the bed of a ranger. I'm mainly having problems loading deer in the bed by myself. I'm thinking of rigging some rollors up and attaching them to the roll bars to run the winch rope over the ranger. I have...
  12. 2010 Crew overheats!

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    We have a new 2010 Ranger Crew that over heats with out really doing much. It will heat up after about 10-15 minutes and start blowing coolant. The easy fix was to install an aftermarket fan overide switch that we leave running when ever the beast is on. With the fan running wide open it has...
  13. Top Ten Things To Modify Or Change To the 2010 Ranger?!?!?!

    Performance Mods
    Just joined on here... I bought my first Polaris product about three months ago and decided to buy the 2010 Ranger 800 xp. I have done a few mods to it that I saw as being a design flaw... I upgraded to a lower cooling fan switch which kicks on about 180 degrees, I also installed a overide off...
  14. instrument cluster and awd

    Polaris RZR Forum Discussion
    All of asudden instrument cluster not working neither is my awd. checked fuses n firewall under steering . any suggestion thanks cooper
  15. ranger dependability

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    hello new to forum great site looking for advice about polaris i have 06 ranger xp 700 with 425 hrs. i use it 90% of time on cattle farm 10% hunting {used not abused!} i have replaced all original factory cvboots, 4 gas caps, 1 gas tank and still leaks 1 left fr axle ,1 head light bulb,1...
  16. New To Forum/ Exhaust Silencer

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    New to Forum, Have received a ton of help in deciding on a Ranger from this Forum. Thanks I am going to be using my ranger for a lot of hunting and it seems a little loud. Does anyone know of a good Exhaust silencer or new muffler that i could put on my ranger to reduce noise that will not void...
  17. Series 10 Transmission problems

    Performance Mods
    I'm new to this forum, and I recently acquired a series 10 ranger for almost nothing. The reason, I got it pretty much all in parts with the knowledge that the transmission was bad. I drove it when it was together and actually driving, then the PO took it out for a ride and was tired of it HI...
  18. Rubber Down 1/2" Spring Spacers

    For Sale
    I have a set of 4 Spring Spacers that are made to give you 1/2" of lift or add 1/2" lift to your 2" Rubberdown lift kit. I bought these and never installed them. First 50.00 gets them.