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  1. Polaris Ranger XP1000
    Hello friends, I know that many folks will have this question, even though these machines will spend very little of their lives at top speed. In the southwest it's more common to spend time on open dirt/paved roads at higher speeds. Mine will hit the governor at 56 mph.
  2. Full Size Ranger Discussion
    This is my first post here. I purchased a new 2021 Ranger 1000 Crew Premium (Non-XP) about a month ago. It’s a stock machine with no upgrades. I love the machine so far but I had to take it back to the dealership today. I mostly drive with turf mode turned on. The family and I were out riding...
  3. Polaris Ranger XP1000
    Hello friends, I am very pleased with my 2020 Ranger Crew 1000 Premium. This past weekend my buddy and I each loaded up our 11-year-old boys, a lot of camping gear, and we did a 165-mile loop through some of AZ's premier desert 4x4 trails. My buddy is driving in the videos; I filmed. We began...
1-3 of 3 Results