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  1. Exaust upgrade

    Performance Mods
    I have been looking for an exaust upgrade for a Ranger 400 HO... I have not found anything. Does anyone know of where to locate one or if there is one that will be compatible? I am hoping to get a bit more power of course. :D
  2. ranger 400 oil change.

    General Discussion
    I was just reading a thread and I saw the oil needed to be changed every 25 hours my dealer told be 100 but what all will I need. Where can I buy oil filters / what size . Also what oil will I need . Also if any of you could direct me to a online manual that would be very helpful. Thanks.
  3. Halos/angle eyes/led lights

    General Discussion
    I have a base model Ranger 400 and I want to know if the headlight will fit these led angel eyes/ halos also will the led under glow work for the ranger.... I will upgrade battery if I need too. Snorkel Your ATV Waterproofing LED Lighting Systems, ANGEL EYES KIT
  4. How to get audio setup

    General Discussion
    For my audio setup I want speakers and some subs. Can you put a waterproof sub box on the bed of your ranger I have a Polaris Ranger 400 ( Base Model Green) 4x4 Thank your for answers in response, Also this is my first post.
  5. 2012 ranger 400 complete fluid change

    General Discussion
    Can any post the location of the fill and drain plugs for 2012 ranger 400? A few pages from the manual, pictures or a text description I found the main engin drain plug on the bottom, i assume you fill in the small tank with the dip stick (does the tank drain w the engine or separate?) The...
  6. My top Ranger 400 mods

    General Discussion
    Hi all, Thought I would consulidate my top mods into one place for all you 400 owners. I have a 2012 ranger 400 HO. 1) My first and best mod was to add wheel wells to help contain dirt and mud on the front and back tires. You can find pictures And write up here...
  7. Ranger 400 back up light

    General Discussion
    I just installed a LED back up light I got from Norther tool on My 2012 Ranger 400 HO. My machine is carburated , so I do not have a fancy computer control. I have wired it directly to the back up alarm wires and have about 12 hours of burning with no issues. The light works great!!! very...