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  1. Polaris Ranger Midsize 500
    My Ranger has recently started acting up. I believe some water got into the fuel system last week. Tank has been drained and refilled but performance issues have remained. Lag, backfire and will occasionally stall out but will restart after a minute or so. Feels like ignition has been turned off...
  2. General Discussion
    Our 2011 Ranger has been impossible to change gear when idling, so took off the clutch / belt cover to have a look. Turns out there was a lot of play in the primary clutch (~5mm movement) and on further inspection the spring in the primary clutch has broken! Everything else seems OK - needle...
  3. General Discussion
    Ok lets start with the dumb part of this... someone put diesel fuel into my Ranger and did not tell anyone what they had done until it had already ran some through it (tank was not empty and they added it so it mixed in). When I returned to the Ranger it was running bad, not knowing what they...
  4. New Members
    I have a 2013 ranger 500efi and it seems like I have to replace one or both front axle boots every month or so. Does anyone else have this problem or is there something going on with my machine?
  5. General Discussion
    Getting ready yo purchase a ranger and was wondering if anyone has a newer 500 efi they set up for mud (lift, tires, etc.) and was wondering if they preformed well or if I would be wasting my money and should get the 800?
1-5 of 5 Results