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  1. Sputtering

    Polaris Ranger 570
    Anybody else's 570 sputtering around 4k rpm. Mine does and it really annoys me. Runs absolutely purrrfect until 3800 then barely sputters then clears up at 4100. Tried a ngk plug with no improvement. Seems like it leans out or something. Plug checks good visually. It had 4 miles on it when i...
  2. New Okie to the forum!!!

    South Chapter
    Hello everyone!!! I'm brand new to this site, but not new to forums. I recently bought a 2015 Polaris Ranger 570 about 6 weeks ago. This is my first UTV and I'm loving it! Before this purchase I have been building and riding off-road golf carts and am a member of Buggies Gone Wild forum. I still...
  3. 570 Ranger performance mods

    Performance Mods
    Just bought a new 570 Ranger. It has plenty of power, all is good, but how can I get a little more speed out of it? It shuts down at about 52 mph. If it would run about 56-57 I'd be happiER. I thought I would be able to take out the spacer in the clutch but that made no difference at all. Any...