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  1. 2010 Ranger 800 XP won't crank

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    Ranger won't turnover - first thought it was battery but got new battery and no change. Then Polaris dealer told me that if I could start it by putting a screwdriver of the 2 starter solenoid terminals, it was most likely the solenoid. Well I did that, it started so I got new solenoid and it...
  2. 1st Time UTV Owner

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    Just made my first UTV purchase ever, I got the 2010 Ranger XP. I just ordered a set of the Moto-Activ removable suicide doors. Hopefully installation is simple, does anybody have any tips or suggestions for instalation? Im pretty new to the Polaris community, so what are some good buys for the...
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    Welcome to RangerForums.net - A forum dedicated to the Polaris Ranger UTV/SXS. This is not just a website but a community dedicated to all things Polaris Ranger. We cover the various Polaris Ranger models such as the Ranger XP 800, Ranger 500 EFI, Ranger 400, Ranger Crew 800, Ranger Crew 500...