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  1. 99 6x6 wont start

    Polaris Ranger 6X6
    I used my ranger yesterday. Today i go out and nothing. I replaced the ignition switch a couple of weeks ago. Today I have tested the switch and have continuity where I should. Have power to switch. Have fully charged battery and installed new starter relay. I am lost. Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. Compatibility for a ranger

    Polaris Ranger 500
    99 Polaris 6x6 yoke tube sleeve is it compatible with a 98 sportsman four wheel drive yoke tube sleeve? these mid shafts on a 6x6 are Super hard to find and I need one. Any ideas? Thx in advance
  3. 2002 Ranger 500 Swing Arm Help

    Polaris Ranger 500
    hello everyone. I just bought a 2002 Polaris ranger 500 4x4. the swing arm bushings are gone. I ordered them but need some advice on how to replace these bushings. can anyone offer some help please. I will be changing the front a-arm bushings also but that seems like it will be a lot easier than...
  4. 2020 Ranger 1000 EPS HELP!!!!!

    Polaris Ranger 500
    So I’m looking to replace the unfortunately weak headlight bulbs on my 1000 eps but everything I can find points to 2019 and older XP’s Can anyone suggest a brand and LED bulb model that will work safely in my Ranger 1000 eps????? I have aux lighting but can’t use it in my village at night...
  5. For Sale: 2018 Ranger XP 1000 Rancher Edition

    For Sale
    Sold my farm and now selling my Ranger. It's in like new condition with only 350 miles. I have added the soft doors, reverse lights and work lights on both the front and rear. This machine is a workhorse! It comes with the following lock and ride attachments as well: t-post holder for...
  6. Polaris ranger 570-6

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I have a 2018 Polaris ranger crew 570-6 seater and I’d like to get some half doors for it cause I can’t stand the net doors it came with. I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find any doors for it. Does anybody know where I could find them for a decent price?
  7. 2014 Xp 900 Fuel Pump

    Polaris Ranger XP900
    I’ve got a 2014 900 Xp and the connector tip on the fuel pump broke off while riding. Was wondering if anyone knew where I could find just the top plastic bit of the fuel pump and not have to buy the whole thing.
  8. 2020 Ranger Windshield

    Full Size Ranger Photos
    Just picked up the 2020 ranger 1000 premium now i'm looking for a front windshield. The OEM full glass windshield from Polaris gets a 1 star review. But the fitment is really good. RazorBack makes a windshield that folds down to the hood. 1250$ plus 200 for shipping. Anyone have any...
  9. Round black puck looking thing

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I just picked up a 2010 ranger 800xp. After getting it home I noticed what looked like a cup holder on top of the dash. After examining it further it was not a cup holder with a cover over it, it was something else. It says "gigaware". I cant find anything online about it. Anyone know what this...
  10. Installing a winch to the power bar???

    General Discussion
    Hello all. I am new here and need a little help. I haven't been able to find anything current on my issue. I bought a 2020 Ranger Crew 1000. Got the PowerBox Roof audio system and lights built in. Dealership installed it for me. I bought blinkers and installed them myself using a plug and play...
  11. Gated shifter for plowing?

    Polaris Ranger XP900
    I didn't know that Polaris actually made a shifter you can replace the stock with that makes it gated for plowing. Is this worth the $100 or so and is it difficult to install? If you have one your 900, does it make it feel better changing gears? I noticed on mine that sometimes it's just TOO...
  12. 2014 XP 900 "doors"

    Polaris Ranger XP900
    Not even 2 months in to my new 2014 Ranger XP 900 I have already managed to rip off the door (if you can call it that) on my drivers side, picked up a dead tree on my way up a sketchy hill and dragged it all the way to the top without noticing. i was just wondering if you can buy these stock...
  13. 2014 Ranger 900xp Belt issues

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I got a 2014 ranger 900xp Deluxe nuclear orange and ever since I bought it ive had a smell of rubber when riding. Its got 410 miles on it since I bought it Dec 20 2014 and the smell is still the same as day one but gets worse when engaged in 4x4. ive only used it for gravel road riding and ice...
  14. 2015 Polaris Ranger 570 efi, MAINTENANCE Help

    Polaris Ranger 570
    Greetings, I am the proud new owner of a 2015 Ranger 570 efi and extremely excited to cruise this thing around and pick up the babes I see out in the woods. But in order to do so I need to keep the maintenance up to date. Also, I live way too far from a dealer so gonna have do this myself...
  15. First time Ranger owner...need answer :)

    General Discussion
    I took my 2012 Ranger 800 Crew to Wind Rock this past New Years Day and found that I have a problem. When I shut it off, I have to wait till the engine temp gets below 190 degrees before it will start again. If I try to start it while the temp is higher, the engine just turns over and over as if...
  16. Boss Stereo on Polaris Ranger

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Has anyone purchased and installed a Boss ATV stereo on a Polaris Ranger. If so, how did you install it. Regardless, if anyone has any ideas on how to best attach it to the roll cage please let me know!
  17. 2014 Ranger 800 EFI Cooling Fan Options

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I know this topic has been covered in some detail on other threads but I was unable to find (using the search feature) an answer to my specific inquiring. While riding this weekend, I followed two other Rangers through a water crossing. As fate would have it, my 2014 Ranger 800 EFI cooling fan...
  18. Ranger Crew Accessories

    General Discussion
    I'm looking for recommendations on purchasing accessories for my new Ranger Crew. Had some real problems with UTV HQ in Ohio. Their ads on Amazon are vague as to the parts I need and they want to ding me on shipping. Have had good customer service from Gear up to go. Any suggestions?
  19. 2013+ Polaris Ranger XP 900 AfterMarket Tie Rods + Ball Joints

    Polaris Ranger XP900
    I'm having a hard time finding a good source for some rugged tie rod ends and ball joints for the front end of the Ranger. I don't want to buy Polaris's overpriced and cheap quality OEM parts. I'm hoping to find some good aftermarket replacements, but it seems like there isn't much out there...
  20. Ranger Crankcase Emission Control

    General Discussion
    Greetings forum members. I'm hoping somebody will be able to help with my problem. I have a 2003 Ranger 4x4 Series 11. At the rear of the carburetor are 2 vent lines which go into a 'T' with the main line coming off of the 'T'. I assume this is for the Crankcase Emission Control mentioned in the...