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  1. Polaris Range Audio

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    I have just recently purchsed a new 2012 Polaris Ranger 500. I'm wondering what the best deal is on an Audio system. I also have a sirius xm rado reciever just no speakers to hook it to. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. rear drive shaft ranger 500

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    changing u-joints on rear drive shaft of 2004 ranger 500. Having difficulty removing rear drive shaft from tansfer case output shaft. U-joint yoke appears to have a spring pin or similar pin holding it in place. How is the pin removed?
  3. 1st Time UTV Owner

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Just made my first UTV purchase ever, I got the 2010 Ranger XP. I just ordered a set of the Moto-Activ removable suicide doors. Hopefully installation is simple, does anybody have any tips or suggestions for instalation? Im pretty new to the Polaris community, so what are some good buys for the...
  4. 09 500 EFI running rough

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I work at a resort with 4 '09 500 EFI rangers. All 5 are experiencing the same issue. when they get the slightest bit warm they run super rough, back firing, stalling, hard to start. We looked them over (plugs, wires, filters, fuel, etc) and could find nothing wrong. took them to the dealer...
  5. I need to get into a new ranger!

    General Discussion
    I totaled my old ranger 3 days ago. I used to have a 2005 500. I bought it from a friend for $5,000. I need to find a new one but dont know where to get an amazing deal like that. does anybody know where I can find one really cheap? Looking for a deal similar to the one i got before.
  6. New Owner of Ranger LSV...NC Laws for Street legal???

    General Discussion
    I found a LSV in Stock and managed to trade in my 2005 Suzuki 700 KQ today. The dealer had been through a big deal with the NC DOT over some issues. They stated the there have to be an odometer so the mileage could be recorded, So they had bought a GPS and added it on. There was an issue about...
  7. How to remove and clean carb on 2003 ranger 500

    General Discussion
    Hi, I ran my Ranger out of gas, now after trying to start I get gas spewing from the overflow hoses. I assume I have some junk in my carb and my float is stuck? Never had the carb off, and I can see how to unbolt it, just wondering how to remove the throttle and choke cables?? Any other...
  8. how to change gear oils?

    General Discussion
    Can anyone tell me how to change the gear oils on my 2007 Ranger 500 4X4? From where do you drain them, where do you refill them and how much gear oil in front and back Case. Thank you
  9. Welcome to RangerForums.net - Polaris Ranger Forums

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    Welcome to RangerForums.net - A forum dedicated to the Polaris Ranger UTV/SXS. This is not just a website but a community dedicated to all things Polaris Ranger. We cover the various Polaris Ranger models such as the Ranger XP 800, Ranger 500 EFI, Ranger 400, Ranger Crew 800, Ranger Crew 500...
  10. Ranger Rear spring info

    Modified Tech Discussion
    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site put have been on the RZR forums for awhile. Have looked all around hope I've came to the right place for some information. Does anyone know the specs on rear coil springs for a Ranger? Overall lenght, Spring free length, spring installed lenght, spring...
  11. instrument cluster and awd

    Polaris RZR Forum Discussion
    All of asudden instrument cluster not working neither is my awd. checked fuses n firewall under steering . any suggestion thanks cooper