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  1. 2010 RANGER 800 EFI High Output Fuel Injector Question

    General Discussion
    I bought a used 2010 Ranger 800 EFI HO...Having injector problems and tracking down the injector numbers it appears that 2012 injectors were installed on a 2010 unit.... 2010 calls for pt. # 1202863. The injector wire numbers presently on the engine are pt.#s 1204318 (black) MAG, 1204319 (Gray)...
  2. 2006 6x6 multiple codes

    Polaris Ranger 6X6
    Hi all, first time posting. I have a 2006 ranger 700 efi with multiple codes. Codes 46, 41, 51, and 52. I have looked them up but cant find a problem that would cause all these together. I have adjusted the TPS, cleaned the air temp gauge, checked compression, and checked connections. It...