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  1. Will 26x10-12 Tires fit the 2011 EV LSV?

    Polaris Ranger EV
    Aloha Ranger Riders! Just bought a new never used 2011 model (built 9/30/2010) Ranger EV LSV from a nice dealer in Wisconsin. Waited months for the polar vortex to clear and the stars to align with a shipping company to get it to Hawaii. Picked this model since it appeared to be the only one...
  2. Street Legal for California 2013

    General Discussion
    Hi folks! I'm shopping for a Ranger right now. My parents are getting older and my mom is having trouble with the energy to ride her dirt bike so I thought getting one of these would be fun to romp around in BUT the real question is can you make this sucker street legal in California? I know...