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  1. Suggested replacement tires and vendor?

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Need replace all 4 original tires on 2008 700 xp. Front 26 8xr12 and back 26 11r12. Using for farm and fun so mainly riding on turf and loose soil plus some gravel roads. Looking for some good puncture resistance and loading rocks in the bed. What do you suggest for replacements and who to...
  2. 2009 Ranger XP Junk Tires

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    We purchased a brand new Ranger XP in 2009 and it has worked great so far, primarily for hunting and fencing and have racked up about 300 to 400 miles. This fall we noticed the drivers side rear stock tire going low so we filled it up and soaped it down looking for the nail. Didn't find a nail...