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  1. Lift kit, wheels, spacers?

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Hi everyone! I have just purchased my first side-by-side after owning four wheelers all my life. It is a 2011 Polaris 400HO. I took it for its first long ride this past Saturday and it was quickly evident that I need more ground clearance. We rode about 13 miles on easy mountain trails (mud...
  2. Bigger tires?

    General Discussion
    I own a 2011 Ranger 500 efi. I have had some issues with clearance on the plow frame (Glacier 2 system) when plowing downhill. This could be remedied by raising the plow mount a bit. I am currently in need of new tires and was thinking I could do this a bit by just buying a taller tire. I...
  3. Tires?

    Polaris Ranger XP900
    Hey guys I have a Polaris xp 900 with stock tires. It is a relatively new machine with only 80 miles on it. I use it for loading wood and working aground the house and riding trails every now and then. My problem is that the tires are already torn up and the back left tire is now flat and must...
  4. 28" tires and Stock Wheels off 2013 Polaris Ranger XP 900

    For Sale
    Selling my stock 12" wheels with 28x10x12 GBC Dirt Devil tires. Very little wear. Asking $500. Pm me for more info.
  5. 6" lift 2013 Ranger Crew 800???

    General Discussion
    I have a relatively new Ranger Crew 800 and am looking to put a lift and larger tires on. I am thinking of a 6" lift and 29s or 30s on the tires. I recently went to a mud rally and saw some lifted Ranger Crews similar to this and they looked bad arse :D ! Has any one gone with a 6" lift? or...
  6. best mud tire for 15 inch rim?

    General Discussion
    I have a 2012 800 ranger xp and looking for a good aggressive mud tire for 15 inch rim, any suggestions?
  7. Tires for sale (no wheels) from a 2013 ranger xp900

    For Sale
    Have stock tires for sale. Came off my 2013 ranger xp900. They are the polaris pxt 26x9x12 (2) and 26x11x12 (2). These tires are in great shape. Only a couple hundred miles on them. Just swapped them out for some 28" tires. No holes, never had a flat. Located in Gravette, Arkansas. Will...
  8. wheels and tires

    General Discussion
    Okay so I have a 2013 ranger 400 and I was looking at some new wheels does anyone know if there are wheels to replace and fit the steel ones . If not will I have to buy some tires which brand are the best bargain im looking for mud tires that dont scrape up as much grass while in 1wd also I have...
  9. Polaris OE Wheel / Rim Question

    General Discussion
    Just picked up a set of stock 12 inch takeoff rims for cheap. Looked same as my new Ranger wheels, but different markings. Looking to mount a set of radials I have for direct comparison. So here are the questions. Stock Front 12x6.0AT xxx PL36 Alternate Front 12x6.0AT xxx PL80 measures 2 13/16...
  10. Mounting ATV Tires

    General Discussion
    Anyone with experience mounting tires onto ATV/UTV wheels by hand. I have bead breaker and spoon tools i use for antique car / tractor tires - typically 15 or 16 inch which may be a looser fit. Just wondering if its practical to try and mount or dismount 12 inch tires on stock steel wheels on a...
  11. Suggested replacement tires and vendor?

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Need replace all 4 original tires on 2008 700 xp. Front 26 8xr12 and back 26 11r12. Using for farm and fun so mainly riding on turf and loose soil plus some gravel roads. Looking for some good puncture resistance and loading rocks in the bed. What do you suggest for replacements and who to...
  12. Replacing tires... new help

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I just bought a 2008 ranger 700 xp. Tires are worn and found rims and tires from a sportsman 850 which was told would work. is this true? Seller said the sportsman is in metric so need to replace lugs for metric sizing and they are slightly different in tire size. Have front: 26x8r12...