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  1. Polaris Ranger XP1000
    Does anyone have a rough estimate on height/width of a crew Northstar (I have the Trail Boss) when you have the Polaris Prospector 2.0 tracks installed? I have an extra tall enclosed trailer (84"), but curious if the added height with the tracks that my machine won't fit in there with tracks.
  2. For Sale
    Two Sets Of 2018 - 2020 Polaris Prospector Pro Track Mounts. One set like new the other has been repaired. Up graded to a 2021 Ranger and these wouldn't fit.
    $300 USD
  3. Polaris Ranger XP1000
    The specs on my stock Crew Northstar Ultimate are 152L x 65W x 79.5H. I'm going to add the Camso tracks next winter and want to make sure my garage is high enough and that my trailer will be wide and deep enough. Would anyone know how the tracks affect the overall measurements of the machine...
  4. New Members
    I would appreciate good and bad experiences for any UTV track choices, I ride a 2011 Ranger 500. Tracks would be used all year long as I am located in northern Ontario. so pretty much looking for mud, bog and snow use. which manufacturers do you recommend or not recommend? Thanks :confused:
  5. Polaris Ranger 570
    I am considering a crew and am wondering if a 570 is undersized if you have it full of people? I would like tracks and eps (and eventually a cab). I don't need to set any speed records, but would like to pull a fish house on an unplowed lake (without people). There are so many options to buy...
1-5 of 5 Results