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transmission problems

  1. 2012 Ranger 800 shift cable

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    This weekend, after pulling up some shrubs in L 4x4, I began having issues shifting from the dash. After lifting the bed, the cable looked to be kinked with extra slack. I tapped the lever with a hammer and the Ranger shifted to neautral and then to L and H. I had to do this a few times to get...
  2. shifting problems polaris ranger 400 help please!!

    General Discussion
    bought a 2011 polaris ranger 400 h/o with 8 hrs on the machine. having a problem when trying to shifting wont let me shift must turn off machine put it in N and turn back on and quickly force back into gear of my choice when i want to switch from d to r have the shut off and jam back into gear...
  3. Series 10 Transmission problems

    Performance Mods
    I'm new to this forum, and I recently acquired a series 10 ranger for almost nothing. The reason, I got it pretty much all in parts with the knowledge that the transmission was bad. I drove it when it was together and actually driving, then the PO took it out for a ride and was tired of it HI...