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  1. Power Loss in High Gear

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    I have a new 2020 Ranger 1000. Has 23 hours on it, 85 miles. Tried to be careful with break-in time but we purchased it to work in our 2-acre backyard that is a fairly significant hill in the woods. The Ranger has to work hard just to get around. Most of the usage has been AWD in low gear. We've...
  2. no high gear - clicks like ratchet

    General Discussion
    I am new so be gentle. I am new to UTV world, recently purchased a well worn 2007 Polaris Ranger 700xp, (6400 miles) have gone thru all joints, cleaned, etc. and now am wanting High Gear to work (just clicks now), opened up transmission and have most of it apart. I see that I need an Engagement...
  3. 2006 500 EFI belt Issues

    General Discussion
    Long story short.... we were riding on an easy trail and broke a belt. I pulled over changed the belt and went to take off and the belt seems as if it is slipping. It has little start up power, but it will eventually go. When loading it in the trailer i had to put it into low to load it and it...
  4. 2003 ranger 700 slipping transmission

    General Discussion
    Hello I'm new to the forums. Need some experience and help with the issue on my 2003 Ranger 700. Shifts in and out of all gears normally but will not fully engage when given throttle. It will move slightly but not much. Not grinding or noise besides normal engine rev. Just will not...
  5. 2004 Ranger 4x2 Chatters when shifting into Forward

    General Discussion
    I have a Ranger 4x2 that has a problem that I cant figure out how to solve. When I shift it from reverse to forward the transmission chatters and will not go in to gear. If I tinker with it long enough it will usually go into gear. Even if I turn it off and put it in forward it still does not...
  6. WTB: Transmission 2010 Ranger 500 4x4 efi

    Looking for a one-piece transmission/differential unit for a 2010 Ranger 500 EFI 4x4. The bearings went out on the shaft that the brake rotor runs on, and all the metal has probably gone through the whole transmission. Does anyone know if there was a re-call on these transmissions? I heard...