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  1. 2015 Ranger 570 EFI Full Size Turf Failure/Delete

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Hello everyone I have a 15 570 ranger a customer brought to me for TURF failure. Luckily nothing exploded! Looks like gearcase bearings were so shot, the plate that activates turf just fell off. Anyways, Don't want it to happen again so we are going to do a DELETE. So the factory Turf mode part...
  2. Turf Mode questions

    General Discussion
    Hello Again I am posting here hoping someone might know something about this system. I am pretty sure the Solenoid on the Differential is bad (tests as a dead short) my question is the "relay" that powers it I thought I read supplies 12v and then drops voltage to maintain IE 12v to 3v anyone...
  3. Turf mode flickering, high beam causes issue to go away

    Polaris Ranger EV
    I just got this 2011 EV and spent a boat load of money working on it. I replaced the batteries, replaced the charger with updated on, replaced the turf mode solenoid ans the sender. Now it flickers in turf mode unitll i turn on my high beams. The solenoid doesnt want to full engage untill I use...