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windshield options

  1. New Ranger 570 FS owner

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Brand new member - look forward to learning from you all. Just bought a new 15 Ranger 570 FS and can't wait to start playing with it. Got a Polaris OEM roof but no windshield yet. Want to be able to open it easily in summer so want a folding or easily removable one. What is the best choice?
  2. Windshield Experiences: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Polaris Ranger 570
    Hi, I would like to get a windshield for my 2014 570 LE mid-size and would like to hear from folks that are currently using a windshield on their unit. I know there are several options such as full size, half-size, flip-out, etc. I have also heard that if you get a front windshield, it is...