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  1. EMP windshield help

    Polaris Ranger XP1000
    I bought the EMP flip out kit #13395 with optional retrofit kit #13614 to fit my 2020 xp1000. When they designed the kit they did it for models with the cupholders on the dash. My ranger came stock with ride command so the supplied bracket doesn't fit. I reached out EMP customer service to ask...
  2. 2020 Ranger Windshield

    Full Size Ranger Photos
    Just picked up the 2020 ranger 1000 premium now i'm looking for a front windshield. The OEM full glass windshield from Polaris gets a 1 star review. But the fitment is really good. RazorBack makes a windshield that folds down to the hood. 1250$ plus 200 for shipping. Anyone have any...
  3. Making a windshield for 2014 Titanium 900XP (not a crew)- Questions and suggestions

    Polaris Ranger XP900
    Just purchased my first ranger and loving it. Probox roof, LED strip light on top, winch, brushguard, and some other bells and whistles, but no damn windshield. I am making a front and rear windshield for my 2014 titanium 900xp and need your help and input. I have the dimensions for the front...
  4. Cab assembly

    For Sale
    SOLD SOLD SOLD !!!! Have what I believe to be is 90% of a full cab assembly for an 09-12 full size 800 ranger.. Have pics and will send. Bought at an auction and hoping from description to fit my crew but it's for a 2 seater.. These things are over $3500 new.. I'm just looking to make my money...
  5. Windshields for Polaris 500

    General Discussion
    Looking for info on windshields with roofs for a new 2013 500. Pros and Cons of Full Tilt windshield (probably Kolpin) vs a Full Folding windshield (probably Moose) and any other recommendations - other brands Probably going with Combs Custom Mfg Roof and EMP Rear dust shield - but looking...
  6. Plexiglass windshield haze

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Guys I hate to waste money but my windshield was hazed so bad in the sun I couldn't see where I was going. I tried the headlight restore kit and a plastic scratch kit on corners of the windshield that only made it worse. I got to pondering on what a propane torch would do so I tried it. I...
  7. Polaris Ranger Folding Windshield for only 269.99!

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    Check this out, Fold Down Windshield for only 269.99 and free shipping sidebysideutvaccessories.com
  8. Windshield clips lsv ev

    Full Size Ranger Discussion
    2011 LSV EV Hi folks, Do I have the correct wirndshield clips on my LSV? There are square holes but what are they for? Are all 8 clips identical? The reason I ask is that my windshield slips down to a point where it rests on the dash. When it is slipped down, I can see a square hole near the...
  9. Best windshield

    Polaris RZR Forum Discussion
    has anyone purchased a combs custom mfg Offroad lexan windshield. These are tuff! Mine looks great. 2 year warranty and free shipping and the best prices. check em out