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Happy Thanksgiving. If you guys are bored later and reading the forum, maybe you can help me.

I have an 04 Ranger 500 Full Size 4x4. The machine has overall been really good. I have had it for 6 months. I bought it with 400 hours. Now it has about 430 hours. It has stock size tires with a 1.5'' level kit.

Over the weekend we went to a ATV park to ride this past weekend. We went through a little mud and got stuck instantly. I realized the 4x4 was not kicking in. After getting back to the motorhome, I started to mess around and see if I could see anything. I tested it was getting power to the front end jut not engaging. I had the switched turned to on, I got stuck again, and then WAM. The front case engaged while the motor was reved high and when it engaged, it broke my UV joint on the axle. Because it went from nothing to engaged while the motor was reved.

I pulled the front case, Nothing visible. I drained the fluid, and NASTY. It looks like it has never been changed. It was just ever so slightly milky. (maybe from riding in wet areas and water coming in the vent tube??)

My question is to you guys. Can flushing and adding new fluid make a difference? I really do not want to buy a new front case! Let me know if anyone has seen this, had this happen. ETC...
I am hoping to get it going tomorrow and ride this weekend...Fingers crossed

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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