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I'm familiar with motorcycles but this is my first time working on a Polaris.

Backstory: Neighbor says his ranger is using a ton of oil. 1 tank of fuel will burn enough oil so it it barely shows on the dip stick.
When he brought it to me, it wasn't starting. He said it was starting ok but the ranger rolled off the back of the trifler and coasted into a tree (bang!). After that it has never started. Is there a collision reset button somewhere?

There was very low compression, cylinder had no scars but no cross hatching either. I buy a cylinder/Piston kit (from Utah Crankshaft and Shortblocks). Head/valves are good and seal great. I put it all back together and it will not start. It turns over fine but doesn't even what to fire.
There doesn't seem to be any fuel pressure. I push the Schrader valve and nothing comes out (even when cranking).

You expertise and time saving tips are appreciated.
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