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Wanted to do a follow up review. We’re getting some hours on each converted EV now and am still amazed at all the improvements and benefits Lithium / Voltronixs offers. Lack of maintenance and massive range increase is almost just unbelievable. The other benefit I wasn’t expecting is the hill climbing ability. In the past the wet cell batteries would apparently lack enough reserve power to climb extremely steep terrain. To this day we cannot make either unit cut out or loose power when climbing very steep hills even when loaded down with 300-400lbs of extra cargo. It took sometime for us to figure this out and even our dealer just scratch his head about what caused this issue. They even replaced the controller on one cart to see if it helped which it did not. Another huge benefit is the lack of heat build up during hot weather when working the machines hard. To this day neither unit has over heated while running hard under load in 90 plus degree temps. We actually purchased a gas Polaris a few years ago for summer work which we just sold as it’s no longer needed. Im not sure if the weight reduction resolved the problem or maybe the motor receives improved power delivery so runs cooler. Either way problem solved.

Hope this helps for people on the fence. Don’t hesitant pull the trigger and go Lithium…..

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