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I just put a new primary clutch on this Ranger, and it's slowly spinning the secondary clutch in neutral, making it really hard to get into gear, or out of gear.
My question is this, why do some clutches seem to have no "bearing", like this one (the center bushing does not rotate at all), and then I've heard of clutches that have a one-way bearing, and then, for example, the new Team Rapid Response clutch has a free two-way bearing that rotates either direction on the primary clutch.
What's the difference? I'm thinking the ABS clutches, which I'm assuming is automatic braking system, uses a one-way bearing in between the sheaves, which I think I understand totally.
I really like the Team RS clutch with the free bearing in the center.
On this new clutch for the Ranger 500, the bearing doesn't move at all. That usually means, to me, that the bearing is bad. This being a brand-new clutch, is it meant to be that way for some reason? Or do I need to shim the clutch sheaves apart until the belt clears the bushing?
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