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2005 Ranger 6x6 very hard to start if at all.

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I'm working on this for a friend and can't figure it out. It's a 2005 Ranger 500cc 6x6 and I can only barely get it to start with starting fluid. It tries to fire but just won't unless I spray some in it, just backfires out the exhaust. This is the second carburetor and the problem persists. Things I've tried/checked.....New carb, plug, adjusted valves(camshaft is fine), checked the fuel pump, pulled the flywheel cover off to check the key to see if it sheared and messed up the timing. Did a compression check and it's 75psi which is within specs with the compression release. The engine only has 700 hours on it. Only thing else I can think of is the cdi box maybe? It does get spark but does look kinda weak. Only thing else I can think of is the cdi. Anyone know of a cheaper 8 pin cdi? I see a ton of 6 pin boxes that are supposed to fit but this one's a 8. I really don't wanna spend 400 bucks on a oem box if I'm only guessing at the solution. Any one have any ideas on what I can try next besides a cdi? Thanks for any suggestions! This is driving me nuts! lol
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It was very rare to see a 500 jump timing. They used a mechanical tensioner. Do a leakdown test. That will give you a basic condition of the motor. Get the mud off and start checking connections. That mud can hold moisture against a connector and eventually it will find it's way in. And stay away from those will fit copycat carbs. Everybody.
Rebuild the OEM, which I hope you still have. I'm one of many who wasted money and time with a knockoff.
Unfortunately, the one I took off was a knockoff also. Little update though is I drained the tank, and tried different gas and still just tries to start. Instead of starting fluid, I poured a little gas in the spark plug hole and it started. So I'm now thinking it's not getting enough gas through the carb while cranking to start. As far as I know, the choke/enrichener is adjusted right. I put the old carb on it and it actually starts but not too easily. Have to choke it and hold the pedal down a bit. So it's better with the old carb but still not quite right? Is there any way to richen it up a bit while cranking to start?
Well, it's been a while but I wanted to update the thread. Ended up trying another carb with no luck among other things till I decided to do a leakdown test then said screw it and pulled the head. I'd have to say I found the problem and it looks like it's been a less severe issue for some time from the looks of it till it finally said, no more. lol The valve has 1 big crack and a couple smaller ones next to it and is smaller than the good one. Roughly 1.02"vs1.06" Also there's a groove in the exhaust rocker that contacts the decompress valve ball on the cam. Needless to say new valves and rocker is coming.


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