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I have installed a backup light on my 2007XP when I first got it following these instructions

Napa relay # is AR204.

Locate the wire harness under the bed(drivers side) thats used for a back-up alarm. It has a purple and 2 red wires. Mine has factory tags hanging from it.

The purple wire must plug into the relay at #85.
The ground wire from your light, plugs into #30
Ground a wire to the frame and plug it into #87
The 2 red wires and the positive wire from the light plug into #86

The Napa relay has a 5th plug(87A) this doesn't get hooked up.


It had worked fine for years then I realized a few weeks ago that the backup light has stopped working.

So I ordered another light thinking the light has blown out after 6 years.

I changed the light and it still was not working when I put my Ranger in reverse.

So now I said "It must be the relay" so I replaced the relay and still nothing.

So I took some meter readings of the purple wire and the Two Red wires that were hooked up to the relay (while unconnected from the relay).

Red Wires read 14V
Purple wire read 6V

There readings are the same weather the ranger is in High, Low or Reverse.

Does this seem correct?

Is there something else I need to look at?

The light now is always ON once I start up the Ranger (it used to only go on when in Reverse)


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I suggest you trace the two wires all the way toward the ront and check whatever they connect to. Sounds as though something at the point of connection near the front has water/dirt/corrosion inside and making the contacts short across each other. It must have something to do at the end of your shifter.
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