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I own a 08 Ranger 700 XP that I use for hunting and general maintenance activities around the work place. on one of the hunting trips and while loaded with over 800 pounds on semi-rough terrain the drivers side axle came partially out of the differential and began leaking. This occurred sometime after a CV boot replacement and general use of the Ranger with no issues.

Everything on this Ranger is stock except for the tires which are Carlisle HD 6 ply. I removed the CV and axle and replaced the C-Clip and seal. Drove the Ranger around for several weeks with no issues and then went hunting with a load of approx. 500 lbs. Axle came out again. I just ordered new Delrin rear bushings to replace those but have not received them

I have read several threads on multiple forums about this issue and no one has a definitive fix. Some say o-ring under c-clip, file the c-clip, one even suggested removing the spider gear and machine the mating groove...really? I am afraid to take the Ranger to the dealership in Tucson because of the poor service I have received on many occasions paying big bucks with no fix.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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