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Hello, new here and could use some advice. I am working on my brothers 2012 Ranger 400 that had the oil filter come loose while running. Engine was shut down while still running, but wouldn’t restart. Checked compression and was only 30psi so I pulled the head and cylinder and it’s badly worn. No play in connecting rod to lower end and the head looks good so I want to put in one of the top end piston/cylinder rebuild kits. The issue is there don’t seem to be that many aftermarket kits for the 400 compared to the 500. Do the 500 kits fit the 400 engines so you end up with a 498cc carbureted engine? With only 43cc difference it seems like they might. Can anyone recommend where to get a good top end kit for the 400? I see some 500 kits on eBay that say they fit the 400, but others do not. Any advise on this is appreciated. I mostly work on old tractors so I’m not up to speed on the good/bad websites for Polaris parts.
Also, are these sites offering $9.95 service/shop manual PDF downloads legit? I need to get one but don’t want to be scammed.
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