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2014 Polaris Ranger 800 midsize Cherry Red Exhaust

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I recently purchased a 2014 Ranger 800 midsize LE, efi, eps. and it was in pretty bad shape, but I'm looking to rebuild it.
All the exterior and frame had been rehab and now I'm focusing on the engine.
The first issue, it is extremely hot passenger side seat and most importantly, I have a cherry red exhaust developed after I changed out the fuel pump.
The pump was changed out because the pump failed and engine would not start.
Any ideas on how to proceed with eliminating this exhaust issue?
Also have the EPS check light on, but that is for another day.

Thank you and look forward to your replies.

P.S. The are no dealerships where I'm located, so that is not an option, I do have a manual that has been ok at best and when I really need it, it directs me to the dealership.:)
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Not uncommon. Just check to make sure you don't have any intake leaks. Spray some carb or brake cleaner around the intake boot and listen for any rpm change. Or spark arrestor isn't plugged. Fuel pressure should be 58psi.

The 800's wood cook your ass. Just how they were.
LOL. Thanks for the info, I will check those items out
Continuing with the rebuild, and upgrades, I ran into a slew of codes that I can't find the answer to. If anyone is familiar with these or can point me in the right direction to find the answers will be greatly appreciated.
The following check engine codes I have up:
5202 30 31
5202 69 5
5202 70 5
107 1 4

Also the EPS light is constantly on.
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